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    Msuri Moshi

    Head Mountain Guide 

    Msuri started climbing Kilimanjaro in 2000 and worked for two high-end Kilimanjaro companies before joining Duma in 2006. Msuri has been a head guide since 2006, and climbs Kilimanjaro approximately fifteen times a year. His group sizes range from two to twenty people, while the age range is fifteen to seventy-five.

    Msuri is Wilderness First Responder certified. In 2012, he completed a course in business studies at the Bridge Institute in Arusha. He also led a two-week guide course along with Ema Mungure to train assistant guides, porters and cooks. 

    Msuri has also completed several training courses including a Red Cross first-aid course in 2005, a Kilimanjaro Porters' Association first-aid course in 2006, and a 2006 guide-training course. 

    Client praise for Msuri

    "The head guide Msuri Moshi could not have been better, he was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the climb, attentive and supportive to everyone in our group of ten women as well as working very well with the other guides and porters. I noted he was able to command a great deal respect in a quiet manner. It was through the experience of the head guide that all ten of us were able to summit and to get back to lower altitudes safely. I think the high morale of the guides and porters on the trek says a lot about the type of company Duma is. Thanks again to the Duma team for a great trip. Msuri was an excellent guide and the entire crew made the trip a brilliant experience."

    "Msuri could take command of a group and was forever watchful over us all, very professional."

    "We were glad that Msuri was in charge. He was confident and in control of every situation."

    "Msuri knew how to lead his team. We were never in doubt as to who was the leader on the mountain. We were in very good hands."

    Duma Explorer Mountain Team
    • Msuri Moshi

      Head Mountain Guide

    • Naumu Kimuto

      Mountain porter

    • Nelson Mbise

      Mountain Porter

    • Jackson Akyoo

      Assistant Guide

    • Elipokea Urio

      Porter / Assistant Cook

    • Isaya Magesa

      Mountain Chef

    • Godwin Emanuel

      Mountain Chef

    • Emmanuel Mungure

      Head Mountain Guide

    • Peter Isaya

      Assistant Guide

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